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Podcast – The Human Element with Brian Fisher

Sep 21, 2019

The abortion movement is not a grassroots movement; it is orchestrated by a core of sinister puppet masters who decide the rhetoric and then leverage their political and media allies to make the agenda palatable to the wider culture.

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  • Sources for Margaret Sanger’s quotes:

Sep 14, 2019

It’s crucial for us to recognize the fundamental differences between worldviews held by pro-abortion and pro-life advocates. In this episode, we lay out those differences and empower you to defend the pro-life position winsomely.

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Sep 7, 2019

Feminism has come in waves, with the third wave focused on so-called “intersectionality,†a philosophy that purports to bring awareness to the struggles of the marginalized. So why do intersectional feminists rally for the destruction of innocent children?

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  • Definition of Feminism: