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Podcast – The Human Element with Brian Fisher

Apr 27, 2020

Planned Parenthood is at it again. This time, they are taking advantage of pandemic to argue that abortion is an essential healthcare service. Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses why abortion is in no way essential or healthcare, and describes what life-affirming care actually looks like.


Apr 18, 2020


The American people are going to extreme measures to protect each other during COVID-19. Why are we not going to the same lengths to protect preborn children from abortion? Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses how COVID-19 has revealed the discriminatory valuation of preborn children.


Apr 11, 2020


In the midst of COVID-19, our society is showing sacrificial love to people we don’t know and will never meet. Human Coalition President Brian Fisher compares the way our society has responded with love during this crisis with how our society responds to the preborn. He talks about how we can show this...

Apr 4, 2020


How will COVID-19 affect the abortion industry? And what should we do in response? In this episode, Human Coalition president Brian Fisher discusses the lifesaving impact donations to the pro-life movement make and why those of us who are pro-life should give.

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